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 Covid Testing
Appointment online
 Maritime medicine
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 Str. Tepes Voda no. 24, Constanta

0341-455.455; 0772-166.088
Covid Testing

General presentation

Prezentare generala

Expertise in Maritime Medicine Services
More than 20 years ago, Dr. Petre Diculescu founded the first private clinic in Constanta, with Department of Maritime Medicine, Avamedica. In 2008, by taking over from the Centrul Medical Unirea, the clinic becomes part of the Regina Maria's Private Health Network.
In 2015, the Doctor 3D Maritime Medical Clinic is being established. The company's management is assured together with Dr. Daniela David-Diculescu, senior medical practitioner, multiple-accredited physician, internationally in terms of maritime medicine.
Competitive Advantages:
• Clinic exclusively dedicated to sailors.
• Professionalism, reputation and courtesy of medical staff and support team;
Over the years, we have formed a careful team with each navigator in part and cultivated one special relationship physician - team - company - navigator.
• Permanent availability of doctors;
• Expertise in Maritime Medical Services Management and External Collaboration of exception; Regardless of the level of competence and experience of the examining physician in case of medical problems decisions are taken in the medical college of the clinic.
• Complying with the latest guidelines for MLC / ILO requirements, companies, P&I clubs and pavilions;
• Privacy - Patient data is securely stored, unique software dedicated to maritime medicine;
• Endowments to international standards;
Clear intentions of the future (expansion - new medical services, eg. digital Rx)
Our goal is to care for your health and to continually improve your health the quality of the medical services offered. Our mission is to increase the prevention of illness among seafarers.