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Medicina muncii

1. Medical examination for employement
The ability to work is the ability of the worker to work at the workplace on the profession / function which requires the medical examination. Medical examinations, investigations and analysis of occupational medicine both at employment, and regular medical examination varies by profession and field of activity, which is regulated by legislation. The occupational physician finalises the medical examination for employement by filling the aptitude sheet in two copies: one for employers and one for employees. The sheet must contain the conclusion of the medical examination for employement: able, able but with some reservations, temporarily unable or unfit for work.

2. Medical examination of adaptation
For certain professions and jobs the occupational physician may propose a special  medical examination to adapt to the demands of the new job. This is done by the specialist doctor in occupational medicine in the first month of employment.

3. Periodic medical examination
Periodic medical examination is compulsory for all workers. The frequency of the medical examinations is established by the form set out in Annex. 1 H. G. no. 355/2007 and the proposal can be modified only by the specialist doctor in occupational medicine by informing the employer. The occupational physician finalises the periodic medical examination by filling the aptitude sheet in two copies: one for employer and one for employee.

4. Medical examination to resume work
The medical examination to resume work is performed after a work activity interruption of 90 days for medical reasons, or 6 months for any other reason within 7 days of the return to work.

5. Special Supervision
Special supervision consists of the prophylactic medical examination, conducted by the occupational physician in order to establish the fitness at the workplace for workers who fall into the following categories:
• persons aged between 15 and 18 years old,
• people aged over 60 years old,
• Pregnant women, people with disabilities,
• drug addicts, alcohol
• clumsy person,
• individuals with monocular view,
• chronically ill people out.

6. Promoting health in the workplace
Promoting health in the workplace is achieved through active surveillance of workers' health in relation to the characteristics of your workplace and, in particular, with the professional risk factors.
The minimum requirements for health surveillance at the workplace were established by H. G. no. 355/2007, as further amended and supplemented.