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 Covid Testing
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Covid Testing

International Vaccinations

Do you travel for pleasure or for business pourposes and you don't want unpleasant experiences. More so, you don't want to be sick. Therefore it is good to take into account exposure to infectious agents.

In the medical cabinet for international vaccinations and travelers medicine, we offer the following services:

advice and support for the prevention of specific diseases from trips to remote destinations (food security guide, anti malaria chemoprophylaxis, etc.)

immunization and risk management

- vaccination to prevent yellow fever and the International Certificate of Vaccination (required for travel to countries in Africa and South America)

additional vaccinations recommended travelers: hepatitis, typhoid, meningococcal meningitis, tetanus, diphtheria, etc.

- prescribing prophylactic treatment for malaria in accordance with World Health Organization


Depending on where you go, the work you do there, your medical history, allergic reactions and a number of other factors that you should discuss during the medical consultation, the vaccinations you need will be established.


Previous vaccinations

If you have a previous international vaccination certificate, please bring it with you. You may need to get in touch with your doctor, and ask him to give you your immunizations sheet to date. During the consultation at the TMVC you will be given a vaccinations book for international vaccinations.


How long does the protection provided by the vaccination last?

The table below shows the typicall protection duration provided by different types of vaccines once vaccination has been completed. For some vaccines duration of protection is uncertain.

› Cholera (certificate) 6 months

› Diphtheria 10 years

› Flu vaccine (Fluvax) 1 year

› Hepatitis A (Havrix/Twinrix) > 10 years

› Hepatitis A (G Glob) 2mls 3 months

› Hepatitis A (G Glob) 5mls 6 months

› Hepatitis B (Engerix B/Twinrix) 10 years

› Japanese B Encephalitis 3 years

› Measles, Mumps, Rubella 15 years, lifetime

› Meningitis (Menomune/Mencevax) 1-3 years

› Pneumonia (Pneumovax) 5 years, lifetime

› Polio (Sabin) 10 years

› Rabies (pre exposure) 2-3 years

› Tetanus 5-10 years

› Typhoid (Typhim Vi) 3 years

› Typhoid capsules x 3 1 year

› Typhoid capsules x 4 5 years

› Typhoid (original injection) 3 years

› Yellow Fever 10 years



Wich vaccinations are for travelling abroad?

- General: hepatitis A / B, rabies, typhoid

Yellow fever: Central Africa, South America

Malaria (chemoprophylaxis): Central Africa, South America, Asia

Polio: India


There are several types of vaccinations for traveling abroad:

  • Mandatory vaccinations under The International Health Regulations specific to countries in Central Africa and South America. In this category belongs yellow fever vaccine.
  • The recommended vaccinations before any trip, are: hepatitis A and B vaccine, rabies vaccine, the vaccine against typhoid.
  • Routine vaccinations, especially for children, but not only refers to those received during childhood and can be resumed in adulthood in case the necessary (eg vaccine against diphtheria and tetanus, measles, rubella, mumps) .
  • Antimalaria chemoprophylaxis dose refers to administration of prophylactic drugs to prevent illness from malaria. It is recommended to those who go camping in Asia, South America or safari in Central Africa).