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Internal medicine

Specialitati medicale

Internal medicine is the specialty that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases that affect one or more internal organs.

The Specialist doctor in internal medicine should have the power to fully evaluate an ill patient and to indicate its treatment priorities, including invasive or surgical treatment.

As required by the UEMS European Board of Internal Medicine (October 1995), a Physician must have in-depth knowledge of the diagnosis and treatment of acute medical diseases, and to be familiar with the rehabilitation of the elderly patients. In the task of a medical specialist of internal medicine are the diagnosis and treatment of the following categories of patients: patients with multiple conditions or multiple ailments complicated; patients with systemic disease (systemic vasculitis, autoimmune diseases, paraneoplastic syndromes, patients with fever of unknown origin); patients with severe and complex medical problems; some patients initially diagnosed or treated by specialists organ.

Also, the specialist doctor in internal medicine must diagnose and recommend treatment of oncological patients, to indicate their work capacity, their recovery plan and recommend a genetic investigation.






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