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About occupational medicine

Medicina muncii


The leading companies get serious corporate health programs. Employees in a good state of health are key to the success of a company. Helping your employees to stay healthy is just as important as the profit you follow. Preventive medical examinations are therefore vital. A corporate wellness program will provide cost savings related to health, but also increase employee satisfaction, commitment and productivity.

The WHO gave a definition for occupational health:

"The main goal of occupational health is to promote and maintain the highest degree of physical, mental and social welfare, of all employees, regardless of the job."

Some occupational health objectives are:

  • preventing of the termination of work due to illness caused by the working conditions,
  • protecting workers from the risk factors at work,
  • placing and maintaining each employee in an environment adapted to their physical and mental capabilities,
  • adapting the work for the man and adaptating the man to his job.

Occupational medicine is the most active area of ​​medicine. Its primary role is to inform the employer on how to obtain and maintain working conditions that do not affect employees' health. Occupational disease and poor health are an important cause of morbidity and mortality. Occupational health is a distinct branch of medicine concerned with any employee's ability to perform certain activities, and the effects of the working environment on the health of the employee.

In accordance with the law, the employer is obliged to ensure its employees preventive care services of Occupational Medicine.